Carbon floor heating


A high technology heating element emitting healthy heating in the infrared spectrum. It is made specially for heating all kinds of wooden and laminate floors. The main difference with the classical floor heating is that the heating element here is used directly under the flooring – without a cement coverage. The many advantages include quick heating, even heat distribution on the whole floor, precise temperature control. It is used only for dry premises.

Floor construction

A standard construction scheme for wooden and cement floor and laminate.

Comment: The insulation is not strictly mandatory when using on top of wooden floor. A thin vapor material called PE Film is used between the carbon film and the wooden flooring for soundproofing. For other kinds of wooden floorings floor there are specific floor constructions which are covered in the Documents section.

Carbon heating film

The Carbon heating film comes in rolls with two different widths - 0.5m (20inch) and 0.8m(31inch). These two kinds can be cut in length according to the area that needs to be heated. These stripes come ready for installation with mounted cold ends and can be connected parallel to a thermostat. For primary heating source a room needs 80% floor coverage. The carbon heating film is 200W/sq.m (20W/sq.ft). This power allows the floor to heats up quickly.


The installation here is very easy especially if we have prepared the carbon film according to a sketch of your room. You receive cut carbon film with a scheme how to arrange it on the floor. The connection is parallel to the thermostat. Installation under heavy furniture like wardrobes etc. is not required.

Here is how a simple sketch looks like:

Specifications from the customer
Our sketch with numbered sheets of carbon film showing the arrangement in the room

Comment: There is no carbon film under the bed as were the customer's requirements.

Installing carbon film on the ceiling

industrial aplication industrial aplication industrial aplication
It is very good solution. Please take in account the construction - hanging ceiling with heating insulation and the carbon film is squeezed between two drywall sheets. It heats very quickly and emits nice sunlight warm.


These are absolutely mandatory for this kind of heating. The floor probe must be mounted on top of the active part of the carbon heating film. Here we have quickly heating of the floor and precise control after that. The system is very quick and that's why the carbon heating film is very energy efficient. We use multifunctional WiFi programmable digital thermostats with floor and air sensor and degrees in C and F. All thermostats include a floor probe, a manual, an installation box for the wall. You can read more about thermostats in the Products section

Installing the carbon heating film is very easy. It is enough to see our practical presentation for Installing Carbon heating film. The other information you need you can find in the Documents section - Installation guide. For choosing carbon heating film you can use the Online form or you can contact us. The best would be to prepare a simple sketch of the room with dimensions. All the materials you need can be bought from our online store.